Methodology: Teach Pilates
Rael Isacowitz
Workshop 2006

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Rael, I think what inspires me most is your dedication and your passion! Again and again I am so moved by the way you bring yourself into this work and your teaching. You have this mixture of being humble on one hand and VERY demanding on the other hand. You are a teacher, (or a teaching student..), I can love and fear at the same time. Thank you for the 10 Guidelines! It is good to be clear about what we want in our work and our life!
Dear Silke, thank you so, so much for your words, they truly touched a deep place within me. You can indeed love and fear at the same time. I was reminded of this 2 days ago snowboarding up at Whistler, Canada in complete whiteout. To love and to fear are part and parcel of my passion for what I do.
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Rael, thank you so much for sharing these lessons and guidelines with all of us. As a young student embarking on a lifetime journey of practice embracing and learning to embody a Pilates way of life, and share the gifts that Pilates has to offer with others, each of these lessons resounded with me and spoke loudly to my current experiences, especially when you spoke about the vitality of being an eternal student, humility, and staying connected to the work to our ability to teach and be and offer the best that we can be. I adore your enthusiasm and passion - more than anything, that is inspiring to the utmost degree. Thank you!
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Thank you for the inspiration, clarity and vision. Am feeling very inspired!
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Rael, thank you! That was a very helpfull and inspiring workshop. I thing my Polish students will benefit a lot from it. I believe there will be one day I could meet you personally. I love your energy I wish I could give as much energy to my students when teaching All the best for you
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Thank you Rael for sharing your passion, it is very inspiring for future pilates teacher like me.
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This was wonderful! I am so blessed by my BASI family and I really found this philosophy of teaching to be both honest and worth a lifetime of pursuit!
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I really enjoyed this, a lot of fun to watch I have to say and so interesting to hear from your experience. Packed with enthousiasm and passion and so genuine. Thank you!
Are PMA CECs earned for this workshop?
I found this inspiring and instructive. Crucial info for those of us who are teaching students in and environment with little exposure to the method. Good food for thought!
Thank you.
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