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Gordon Troy
Gordon Troy
Discussion 2034

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Thank you kristi. Yes, this does provoke more questions. However, the more we clearly understand the past, the better we can go forward and teach Joe's work. The cream will rise to the top.
Eric C
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Thank you so much for putting all of the historic information in interview format on-line. These videos clearly underscore the innate value of diversity found in the Pilates community since it's earliest inception.
Love the availability of the written court opinion and the video interview, thanks. Who would have thought interested Pilates people would have been able to access this kind of info years ago?
Paola Maruca
This reinforces what I have always thought re the 'querelle' about Pilates, classical vs contemporary, what's right from what's wrong. The truth is that things have changed, the method has evolved, everyone has put his/her own input into it (starting from the first generation of Pilates teachers), our bodies and clients' bodies have changed. In my opinion as long as we all remain true to the principles and continue to cherish what Joseph Pilates has left us with, then we cannot do wrong. If we keep doing what we do with dedication,passion, love, and never ending education, then in my modest opinion we are going to continue to be on the right track.
Thank you for this interview.
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Incredibly interesting and insightful. Again, thank you for allowing us to peak into this subject w/you. Where else can I get info like this? Nowhere! Priceless and well worth documenting.
Thank you Denee! I hope you have seen Ken Endelman's interview too!
Ken Endelman Discussion
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No I have not but I was thinking the same thing. I must watch it. I find these discussions on the lawsuit really fascinating. I wonder what "Joe" would think?
Myriam Kane
Fabulous. Thank you for some very interesting history, Kristi.
Did I hear correctly toward the end of Ch. 3 ...Gordon say, " no not me, not doing Pilates (followed by laughter) ?"….but he was part of forming the PMA? ….holy moly is there a challenge there Christy? How can you represent something this big and not try it for yourself? ….Christy, I would love to see you give Gordon Troy a class and watch him fall in love with the method on another level.:):)
Anna, I think you are asking me to challenge the primary defense attorney for the most important case in Pilates history, which took 5 years to resolve, involved some of the greatest leaders in our young discipline and shaped our entire industry (no matter which side you're on) to do a Pilates class with me as a measure of some sort of proof of his level of commitment. Is that right? If so, I'm sorry, the answer is no, I won't be doing that. I represent Gordon Troy as I do everyone else I've interviewed for the Pilates Legacy project, with respect and gratitude, and I do it easily. Yes. Mr. Troy was instrumental to the formation of the PMA and is still is involved.
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