Sacroiliac Dysfunction
Sherri Betz
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Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Valerie and Elizabeth . You exactly are the type of people for which this technique was developed. I am so happy to know that you are feeling better and can get back to strengthening with Pilates!
I've just watched this for the second time after watching your most recent SIJ tutorial. The exercise progressions are simple but I can see how effective they must be in testing. Looking forward to taking this into my own practice and classes. Thank you Sherri Betz
Hi Sherry, thanks for your valuable knowledge! Could explain again what happen in the isometric contraction with the stick to each single pelvis half. when you say anterior and posterior rotation you are referring to the ASIS moving forward and backwards respectively? Thank you!
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Thank you!!! I really love this video! It is so thorough and easy to understand :) I'm wondering how I could adapt some of it to accommodate a client who has osteopenia (in addition to SI joint pain). Are there substitutions for the roll up and articulated bridge? Amy Havens Sherri Betz
Thank you so much Sherry for this workshop.

I consider myself pretty fit but recently I have experienced sacroiliac pain which was debilitating and pretty uncomfortable. I had some osteopathy done on me, pain subsided but it took awhile for it go fully.

I wish I would've watched this lecture of yours earlier.

Once again thank you very much!

Best wishes,
Yes it does help! Thank you
it really helped! thank you.
Great tutorial- so methodical and helpful. Thank you. This will be very helpful with several of my clients 
Thank you SO much for this tutorial! This has helped me so very much in my own body and will be so helpful for my clients! I LOVE the details and the explanations, they are key in understanding and correct application of technique!
Thank you for this informative video. As an osteopath and Pilates teacher, I often see women with recurring sacro iliac pain and to be able to give them some exercises which they can go away with and more importantly to educate them on how to integrate them in their daily activities is crucial. Especially, as osteopathic research has shown that at certain times during the menstrual cycle the sacro iliacs are more vulnerable to alignment problems. Just the exercises I needed for my dodgy sacroiliacs too!  Thanks you ! 
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