Upper Thoracic Extension<br>Sherri Betz<br>Tutorial 2038

Upper Thoracic Extension
Sherri Betz
Tutorial 2038

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Sandra B
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Sherri Betz Thank you for responding! I will give it a try. That feeling you mentioned  of crunch-bone-on-bone -when-you-go -into-extension is so real! Thank you!
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So good! Thank you Sherri.
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Thank you Sheri..I have watched this and your other tutorials so many times!  Many of my clients come to me with more visible kyphosis and stiffness much greater than Amy's. Would love to see this tutorial repeated with a more senior, stiff client as well.   Thank you for all your tutorials and instruction.
Sherri Betz
Tiffany L there is a new tutorial where I work with an older patient (age 79) who has thoracic kyphosis and stiffness.  Look at the osteoporosis assessment I did - class #4937
I tried it on myself wonderful and it really was a great guide.  Grateful!
Is the small arc a balanced body piece?  Or a different manufacturer?  Many thanks for the great tutorial. I have probably watched it a dozen times over the years!
Sherri Betz
Tiffany L the smallest arc is actually part of a three piece set with interchangeable arcs that I purchased used MANY years ago.  IT was SUPER heavy so I only kept the smallest arcs and got rid of the original spine corrector.  I am sorry, I don't remember the brand.  It is not from Balanced Body.  And thank you, I am so glad you enjoy the tutorial!
Great information. Interesting to see the progression in the body plus the use of different apparatus.
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