Exercise Guidelines<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Discussion 2039

Exercise Guidelines
Deborah Lessen
Discussion 2039

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Thank you Kristi and Deborah. Lovely reminder of what Joe was trying to send out to the world. Would love to get the book that Carola wrote. I got to see one when I visited Jillian Hessel.
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Thank you! Great discussion, interesting points of view and perfect waves behind! :)
Erica V
Very interesting! Thank you.
Intuition, intelligence, instinct... We have to open up for it and use it in our practice!
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You said you are in your sixties, You look beautiful. You look healthy. happy, So much love in your heart. thank you, for sharing it with Pilates anytime. I love their programme. blanche.
Deb, wonderful insights on Pilates practice. I start every day with a reformer workout, depending on how I feel it is a vigorous one or just a stretch and move. It starts my day as a success and I cannot imagine not doing it. Loved what you said about a 60 year old body - something I have to always remember and treat my body and soul gently when it does not respond as it did in my earlier decades. Thanks for the talk. Love to hear more from you and see some more classes.
Reiner G
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Agree with Deborah to check in with the clients prior to the class. I can do better
Lara E
As an ex dancer and starting Pilates at age 50 Deborah's gentle advice was so relevant to me. "Pilates is about YOU" ... wow that is so simple and yet so powerful! Awareness, observation and instincts yes I can identify with all of those. Thank you for this video which has completely inspired me and made me feel confident that I am on the right track for the next adventure in my life.
Maggie L
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Great guidance and insight for teachers AND students. So many good points!
Maggie, Deborah was here last weekend and blew us all away with her good points and consistent message. Please keep and eye out for her tutorials and classes that will be on the site in a few weeks.
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