Stimulating Cadillac
Meredith Rogers
Class 2076

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Gorgeous. Really inspiring, stimulating work. Precision and flow! Thank you for bringing us this class!!
Beautifully taught and executed!
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Beautiful session! I've always loved your cueing, and this class is no exception! I especially liked your cues for Tower, and hip extension rather than leg straightening in the footwork. And I loved the versions of the series of five that you wove in and the single leg work in the leg springs! Wonderful all around!
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loved of my fav
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Loved it!
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beautiful - thank you so much !!
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Yes! Another beautiful class.....especially loved tower ideas! Looking forward to trying them this week!
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loved the class. Meredith I love your encouraging words and visual ques.
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Love the creativity in this class, Meredith! Sarah executed it all beautifully!
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Loved this class!!!
Miss you both beautiful girls!
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