Cadillac Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 2076

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Great class Meredith! I absolutely love your style and cuing. Very creative and challenging! Thanks
Love, love, love you all! Thank you for all your beautiful comments and encouragement. I know I say this often but you all truly inspire me to be better and better each time. Special thanks to beautiful Sarah!
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Beautiful loved it! Great variations and cueing...thank you!
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Great class Meredith! Onpoint cues! You're bringing new light to my cadillac workout.
Thanks, ladies. :)
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Excellent class with such good cueing- one of my favourites
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I'm in the process of completing my BASI teacher training and I found this very useful. You teach beautifully, I aspire to be this good! ☺️ Thank you!
Thank you Kirsty what a nice compliment. I am happy that this is helpful to you. Good luck with your BASI journey.
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might be my favorite Cadillac workout on PA. Thank you. Lovely.
Thanks Lori!
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