Mat for Baby Boomers<br>Risa Sheppard<br>Class 2089

Mat for Baby Boomers
Risa Sheppard
Class 2089

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Great class Risa! A "boomer" myself, I work primarily with "boomers" and am always looking for ways to make Pilates more accessible for them.
Thank you Len! There are a lot of us and were getting better and better!
Very nice
great video
Meg H
Great class! Miss you guys!
Thank you Lizzie! Miss you too Meg!
Loved this class. Made this baby boomer feel really good. Thank you
Love your class! Any chance of doing another one for boomers?
Thank you Cynthia. I'd love to do another one for boomers! ( we are now called Zoomers by the way - those of us who are healthy and zooming. Will keep you posted.
Is there a problem with this video? It keeps stopping.
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