Balance for Active Aging<br>Erika Quest<br>Tutorial 2210

Balance for Active Aging
Erika Quest
Tutorial 2210

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Fantastic model/demonstrator! :)
Erika Quest
Awh, thank you, Roxana! This one is dear to me having my Mom along side. Thanks for watching!
Great stuff! So important. Loved your mom as the participant. I will have to tell my 88 year old mom that she is not a senior but an active ager. She'll get a kick out of it!
Erika Quest
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Thanks, Elayne! Yes, your Mom is definitely what we call Chronologically Enriched. She'll get a kick out of that one too. Thanks for watching!
Thank you! I've been using this with my clients and it's helping SO much. Would love to see more.
Erika Quest
Wonderful, Sarah! That's great to hear! I have another reformer and trapeze active aging class coming to PA soon, so keep your eyes peeled!!!
Can't wait!! And I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled. Thanks again.
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Thank, Erika, for a wonderful, but too short, class. Binge watching your classes today! ;) Next up is the new Caddy class! Tell your mom thanks for being such a great student and for actually listening to you. ;) That's amazing in and of itself because I had to have my 90 year old mom take her privates from another teacher so she would do the work!
Erika Quest
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Jill, you crack me up! Listen, my Mom just came up to film at PA with me. I "fired" her from my studio years ago when I got busy and found her a great instructor closer to her house. She still takes twice a week and LOVES IT!
Elaine Clayton
Thanks Erika! I really enjoyed it! You shared such great info. I teach a mat Pilates class two times a week at 55+ community fitness center. They take their active aging seriously!!
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