Reformer/Tower Progressions
Courtney Miller
Class 2228

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Love it. Many thanks.
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Loved it! This one is going into my favs! Thanks Courtney:)
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Speechless! My body just wanted to move while watching! I love full body integration movements and this class went over and above! Cardiolates!
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I always look for more from Courtney - she always has something fun and new and imaginative. I love to challenge advanced classes with her take on exercises. To echo Tara - please do more and more and more!
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superb, as always! Thanks for adding some fun Tower work ... I'll look forward to more!!
Courtney, this was a brilliant class!!
Please please could we have a few more on this piece of equipment
This workout was perfect for my studio! Always looking for combo work for tower/reformer! Amazing!
Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you for this, Courtney!
loved this class. great use of tower + reformer. Already using with my clients and they really like it!!
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