Back Body Strengthening<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 2237

Back Body Strengthening
Madeline Black
Class 2237

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This felt real nice, anything that opens me up is always very welcome. The use of the stool/chair was fun ! I like your instruction very much, Madeline, and was ever so sorry you could not make it to the south of France last month. Hope you can come in the near future, and i'll be the first one to sign up !
Madeline I really enjoyed this reformer class - it was different and full of ideas /variations thank you!
I enjoyed the challenge of subtleties in every movement. As a person who sits alot each day I appreciated this hip and back work! My posture feels supported in my low back. Thank you Madeline.
Fabolous! Madeline is fantastic!
Thank you Madeline- you are truly a teachers' teacher. Great variations, taking the time to explain and cue the movements.
Excellent class! I love that Madeline takes the time to explain and the pace is great.
Great class! Great variations! Great pace! Great instructor!!!
This class was fabulous! Great everything! I loved the variations in movement along with props. Tons of fun and a lot of new fun ways to teach. Thank you!!
The extended leg for the Mermaid stretch was genius. Thank you Madeline. Wish I had thought of that!!!
Great class thank you 😊👍✔️
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