Let the Reformer Guide You<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2260

Let the Reformer Guide You
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2260

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Lee B
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I really like this one. it's so clear and accurate. you are a genius
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Wow! That was very very educative and many aha moments for me!! You just changed my whole pilates practice and probably body:)))). Thank you soo much Benjamin.
So humbling and inspiring to be in a class with you Benjamin. You are truly a rockstar in the Pilates works. The love that you have for Contrology and your beautiful energy and passion shines through the screen. I really hope that you can get to Australia sometime soon xxx
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Such a nice flow of exercises and so much clarity in your teaching. Thank you!
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Well done Benjamin. Articulate as always. Like your modifications for the more difficult exercises. It makes them accessible to everyone.
Myla P
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Very good deliberate pace for level one beginners
Yay! You're back!!
Michele M
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Very nice! Loved the short box series and attention to back extension/arm placement:) thank you Benjamin!
Sharon O
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Love love this session and look forward to the others. Wonderful teaching! As a teacher it is awesome to find that extra spine length and pass those cues on to clients. Thank you,
Happy Birthday to me! I love you Benjamin! Your classes are great too!
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