Reform the Way you Move
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2261

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Second class in the series just as juicy! I love the clean, precise instruction that gives the exercises the room to show just how brilliant they are. There's even a small chance I might end up liking swan after a few more run throughs!
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love your class. great overall body workout.
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thanks for the great class Benjamin!
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I really enjoy your class,thanks!!
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very nice class, loved the flow

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Please may I also say how great it is to see the exercises performed so well.
Love this! Great class precise, succinct cues. I found so much space in my spine it felt like the internal shower!:))
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I too loved the flow of the class and the description of the exercises. Well done.
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I'm so sorry...but Benjamin Degenhardt you are the best! great can feel everything deeply! LOVE IT! THANK YOU
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THEE best. Benjamin knows exactly how and what to cue to make the magic happen. Thank you. More please :)
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