Translate Wunda Chair to Mat<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2262

Translate Wunda Chair to Mat
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2262

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The Instructions are precise and clear.
Nice neat and clean movements from this Lady. Very Good.
Perhaps, we will get to see Mr Degenhardt doing a full mat demonstration of his favourite mat repertoire sometime!
Wonderful example of clarity don't you think.

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Fantastic push-up sequence!
Beatriz S
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Great workout!!!
Good Flow, Cues, and sequencing. Great Job Benjamin!
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That was great i had a strong wish that it would conclude with some work on cadillac at the end. Maybe next time;)
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I would love to see more mat classes with Ben!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Cheryl - you're in luck, we have an entire series of Mat classes queued up ;) stay tuned, hope all is lovely in Boston!
Mat Work have you seen this?
Contrology is...

It is a pretty good sample of Benjamin and our PA friend and teacher Clare Dunphy, doing what you are asking for.
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Beautifully sequenced and cued class. I love Benjamin's instruction, thanks ??
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Beautiful as always xx miss you Ben xx
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