Mat Basics<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2264

Mat Basics
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2264

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So I can't put my heels together without changing the alignment of my feet. My calf muscles aren't that big but that stops my heels from coming together. Very disappointing class
I am new to Pilates and this introduction was just right. I am looking forward to succeeding sessions!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Hi Vicki — welcome to Pilates, so glad you enjoyed this session and hope you will enjoy the rest in the series just as much!
Hi Benjamin,
Like Jaye, I'm still confused on your version of the leg circle.
Studying with other classical Teachers I've also been taught to stabilize the pelvis.
Am I correct in saying you would teach this version to beginners?
I do love your teaching ,however, this on has me stumped!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Hi - don’t be stumped ;) The version I share here is simply referencing the way Mister Pilates documented this exercise in his book and videos, see my response to Jaye as well. It’s more commonly taught without the hips or spine moving now, which changes the intent of the exercise significantly. I think of them essentially as two different exercises. Hope this helps!
Thank you for clearing that up. I like and will teach both!
that was a lot of great cue-ing and challenge in a short space...thank you!
Kristy M
Excellent class with the basics well explained. Thank you, I learnt a lot
Nancy F
Great beginners class. Thank you Benjamin!
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