Mat Workout
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2264

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Thanks Beth - it was so wonderful to have you in these classes, and I'm thrilled you are taking them again ;)
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Hands on the Back - Bringing an awareness to the Posterior Chain group of muscles, which is not often spoken about.
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Love this,so good to go back to basics and refresh what you take for granted.
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Thank you for a great class great explanations
Waiting for the next one...
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Just what I needed after a heavy session of gardening! Thank you - feeling brilliant now! Looking forward to the next instalment.
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thank you B
enjamin you are amazing
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Loved this session Benjamin. Just a bit confused with principles of Leg Circles. I've been taught pelvis to stays anchored on mat as leg circles, not lifting with spine rotation as you teach. Which is correct? I suppose really no right or wrong it's comes down to what feels good. I like both :)
Thanks so much for your message and question Jaye - correct, there is no right or wrong ;) originally, this exercise had the lifting hips initiating the movement and bringing the spine into rotation and prepare for movements such as Corkscrew and Saw later. Keeping the pelvis anchored is a great exercise in and of itself, for a different goal, and it's a great alternative if spinal stiffness or injury keeps you from doing the original version. If you can, keep practicing both!
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Really enjoyed your cuing and use of humor, Benjamin! Love your breathing reminders, especially about "stealing your breath." Got to remember that one! Thank you for a wonderful class.
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Thank you lovely gentle teaching. It was interesting to look at the fundamentals this way. The one leg circle I was always taught to focus on pelvic stability? so I have to admit I am a little confused on that one
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