Introducing Side Bending<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2265

Introducing Side Bending
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2265

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The Gentleman at the front of the class on the right is a frequent participant in Pilatesanytime mat videos, and has great mat skills.
The Lady with the black top at the back left of our screen is a fine practitioner.
A fine example of a mixed group all working "hard".
One wonders if any of them may be Instructors.
Very skilled co-ordination at articulating and bringing all the exercises together by this very talented Instructor.

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This is a brilliant series.I am an instructor and am learning so much from this.
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I've taught Pilates for 15 years and a class with Ben Degenhardt (live or video) is a breath of fresh air! He reinvigorates the practice for so many of us! He is so present and articulate.
I love this so much! This class is so encouraging for the beginner!
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This is classic! And why I joined Pilates Anytime.
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Loved this! Did the standing side bends and kneeling side bends in mat class today! Thanks Benjamin!
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After a long day, I needed this. Thank you!
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Fabulous! I love Benjamin's work.
This is so motivating just before I start my teacher training at BCP next Monday!
Thanks to Pilates Anytime for this great series of progressions which I have learnt so much from!
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Love this class! Thank you
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What wonderful instruction and guidance. Thank you. A return to basics was definitely in order for this 5 year member.
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