Empowering Modifications<br>Shelly Power<br>Class 2270

Empowering Modifications
Shelly Power
Class 2270

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Fantastic class, fantastic teacher. So appreciate all the attention to detail.
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Great class Shelly! Fun to have you teach me at home via PA. Big Hug
Michele Franzella xx
Lovely class Michelle - nicely paced and great instruction - thankyou -
Great teaching, thanks
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I love the way you help your clients find their way. Fantastic teaching and your cues are illuminating.
Thank you Shelly.
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Very clearly taught with insightful explanations and imagery. Thanks for the ideas and concepts.
Big fan of Polestar!
Love this class! Shelly your teaching is to detail, brilliant!
Carole F
Learned a lot from cues.
Gorgeous workout Shelly - such precise and crisp cuing. Can I request more Reformer workouts and Cadillac/Chair/Studio equipment? It would be sooo good to be able to do some of my Polestar studio observation here on Pilates Anytime.
Wonderful work with great attention to small details and alignment. So helpful, thank you Shelly
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