Ballet Barre Workout
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 2276

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Love this routine - love the grace and appreciation for the body. love the break from loud driving music. felt like it could be my morning meditation
A lovely barre class - I missed my usual ballet tonight so did this from PA and really enjoyed the details. Just needed a pianist in the corner....
So enjoyed the graceful movements and techniques....will nice incorporate into my classes. Thank you, Diane!
Thank you so much. When I first started barre, I truly detested it. However, I have found myself loving it now. Diane is such an inspiration! I was told by an instructor that people with 'knee issues' should not do barre. However, Diane is living proof that you can.
thankyou - always good to re enforce my ideas with better technique. also some barre practice is fast - I think a balance is good .
Lovely, excellent instructing and demonstration. Please do another or several more advanced videos.
I loved this and the other ballet class. I am a former dancer, so I am loving this change to get back to the barre. Really hoping for more classes like this!
This class was fantastic! Challenging and so enjoyable; great instruction!
Nice explanation of Ballet terms, and the fact the instructor shared her injuries and how to modify to avoid further injuries at the barre.
Amazing love this one!
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