Express Magic Circle<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2279

Express Magic Circle
Amy Havens
Class 2279

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Wonderful, brisk and effective workout!
Thank you Amy!
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Lots of nice ideas that can be used for Pre and Post Natal classes too! Thank you, Amy.
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Thank you, Amy, love the standing work, it gets you nicely warmed up (for mat work after, if you have time). Your dance background shows beautifully in you work. Love your arms holds. They never look droopy, you work them all the time.
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Effective way to warm up the shoulder girdle at the beginning of a class. Thanks Amy !
Thanks so much gals! :) Very happy that you like it and felt some good work in your bodies!
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Really enjoyed this. Always looking for inspiring new ways to begin a class. I'd like to see more of these openers.
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Fun! This will be a great precursor to my barre class. Definitely felt the shoulder work.
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Thanks Amy it was exactly what I needed this morning
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Great class, Amy! Thank you! I watched it for the first time tonight to make certain my knees can handle it, so I'll give the class an actual try this weekend. Thank you for remembering about 'sensitive knees' and encouraging slight modifications, if necessary. I miss you every single time practice! XOXO
Eimear G
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I always love Amy's classes, good one!
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