Creative Tower Exploration<br>Kristi C. & Meredith R.<br>Class 2338

Creative Tower Exploration
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 2338

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What a fun class!!! I loved the energy and the flow! Some exercises were so challenging that I would rate them level 3 :) The one arm shoulder stretch with internal rotation was amazing and new to me in that version. Thank you so much for another great class wtih the two of you!
Love the chemistry of you two! Great class!
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Teaching duet!
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Thank you so much for the tower class. Very much appreciated!
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Perfect synergy between instructors
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The work is very good and the different camera angles were FANTASTIC!! Great format,more please!
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I really did not want to stay in the studio this afternoon when I was finished up with my last client, but am I glad I did! This was a great class! thank you girls! keep them coming!
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I looooove the two of you together (and I love you on your own as well:)! You're such a great team! Fantastic workout! The close-up is great too!
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Fantástico! !! Dos máquinas! !!
Great Fun :)
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