Mat in Threes<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Class 2342

Mat in Threes
Michael F. & Ton V.
Class 2342

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Thank you Rita and Connie, glad you enjoyed it....and is a challenge...just ask
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Well that was just glorious! I love everything about this workout!! Every move was creatively challenging and safe for my back! I love your energy and fun-loving spirits! The fab five brought on the burn. We need more of this dynamic duo. Thank you Michael and Ton!!! High fives.
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Thank you Rachel! We have several workouts here on the site and stay tuned, more will be released soon!
Brenda B
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Nice variations! Thanks,
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Enjoyed this fun but challenging class. Look forward to trying it again.
Thank you Brenda and Karen. Looking forward to "seeing" you again Karen!
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I love you! Both of you! Ready to adopt you and bring you hereeeeee! Wonderful class , as usual!
Thank you Terry. We will be in Zurich in May 2016!!!! So maybe we will see you there!
Thanks. Another great workout that's lots of fun! You guys are spectacular!
Alexandra L
Thank you Michael and Ton. A lot of fun and a great challenge too.
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