Thoracic Strengthening <br>Sherri Betz<br>Tutorial 2350

Thoracic Strengthening
Sherri Betz
Tutorial 2350

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Great tutorial. loved the fact that the client was a 'normal' client also and so we were able to see typical patterns of movement and how Sherri cued according to those patterns. Thank you PA.
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Marvellous! Reviewed this three times already. Perfect for so many mature clients in particular. Your explanations mean I can relay the breakdown and build up of the exercises with greater clarity and precision. Thank you Sherri.
Sherri Betz
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Thank you all so much for the positive feedback. Looks like you noticed how difficult it was to get the client to move in the upper thoracic spine and how she substituted with her cervical paraspinals and upper trapezius!
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This is great! Just the thing I need to offer my clients with weak upper backs. (which is basically everyone!)
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Very helpful tutorial, Sherri! Thank you!
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Just fantastic! Love your teaching style, Sherri! This was so helpful! Thank you!
very enlightening your tutorial. this straightening strategy and alignment of the thoracic, cervical head, with stabilization of the shoulder blades is very good! 'it is difficult to teach and practice, but the motivation for good results and bigger! I will apply!
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Thank you Sherri,nice to have a short and sweet tutorial! So helpful and useful...Always :0)
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Great tutorial with nice progressions and great filming because the clients' movements were so easy and clear to see. Thank you.
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