Progressing to Intermediate<br>Kathy Corey<br>Class 2354

Progressing to Intermediate
Kathy Corey
Class 2354

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Loved that class!
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Fabulous class! Thanks Kathy for your detailed cueing and explanation of which springs are recommended.
Wow! Fantastic class Kathy! Thank you!
Very interesting. I like a lot workouts level 1/2, they are very useful to prepare my first classes clients. Thank you.
Saci M
Just loved the class!
Great class. Thank You!
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Kathy's cues are stellar. What a joy it must be to be working with her live.

This class was a bit too slow for me. I would love to see her do another 1/2 or 2 reformer class at a moderate pace.
Good class. I liked it for the level 1/2. It was a bit slow for me.
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What a fabulous class! Really loved the cueing, the flow, and the way Kathy utilized springs and positioning. I felt very elongated and relaxed, but definitely worked a bit!
Thank you Kathy. Corey. This is my go to class when I need to center and have a great workout. The slower pace is welcome and invigorates from a different perspective. When finished, I feel that that I have worked my entire body well without breaking a sweat. Truly a master teacher who can do that.
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