Mat for Soccer Players<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2368

Mat for Soccer Players
Monica Wilson
Class 2368

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Great, fantastic and funny class. I've really enjoyed how a instructor deal with a student. Monica is an outstanding instructor , as many in PA. Thanks for sharing this first class and wish we can get more of these classes from now on with ordinary students , not only with instructors... Thanks Panytime for the good job.
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loved this class. Yes I agree with Mercedes more of these classes will be great.
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Outstanding class, Monica! Very interesting to see how beneficial pilates is for athletes. Thanks to you and your student!
Kathleen M
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I really enjoy watching people to pilates for the first time, and also seeing other instructors and how they approach the normal first time issues. She did a great job and kept it very simple.
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Once again, Monica teaches a great class. I enjoyed how she cued verbally, moving him and demonstrating. Of course, I smiled and laughed as he felt the challenges that Pilates offers. Thank you Monica!
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Thank you, like this class. I can learn for everybody in my class.
Excellent, as many have commented, so good to see student who isn't an instructor. Real client scenario, makes me even more enthusiastic and excited about classical Pilates. Thank you, more of this style of sessions.
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Good job Monica, I think you've just sold Pilates to another man :) And you probably didn't even need to go any further than the roll-up - Nana was feeling it!
Jay K
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Amazing connection with student. Loved the end working with heels off the mat. Loved the class.
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i loved it! :) funny and interesting!
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