Paradigm of the Pelvic Clock<br>Jean-Claude West<br>Workshop 2371

Paradigm of the Pelvic Clock
Jean-Claude West
Workshop 2371

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Well done, Jean-Claude. I love the specificity and clarity of this most important aspect of what we teach. I anxiously await more tutorials and workshops from you. What a treasure you are to the world! Thank you for your ardent curiosity!
Thank you Jean Claude for this precious workshop! I have heard about you years ago from my first Pilates teacher, Marie Jose Blom!! Would love to study with you someday !
Looking forwards to more of your amazing work online.
Fantastic break down of lumbar and thorcic movement in relation to the pelvis. I find myself a little confused about the plank bridge....i am unsure of when its ok to articulate spine through lift and not. Are they compleatly diffent things.?? i am new to teaching Pilates and consolidating my knowledge so any feedback would be fantastic. thanks
This is an excellent workshop by JCW.  The diagrams are superb.  The cues for achieving thoracic rotation when seated using the push through bar give an amazing rotation and stretch of the thoracic fascia, and all teachers should be aware of the rotational limitations of the lumbar spine.  Thank you so much for the time and trouble that you have taken to make this so specific and thorough.  I have had to replay it so many times as it contains so many nuggets, and one I shall refer to and use in my teaching.  
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