Paradigm of the Pelvic Clock
Jean-Claude West
Workshop 2371

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Absolutely superb. The graphics superimposed over the model and Mr. West's very clear and concise explanations were incredibly helpful! Lastly, the camera work to show everything was fantastic. I'm sure that this workshop is one I will refer back to time and time again. Thank you so much Mr. West and I hope that you will do many more of these instructional videos in "the cloud'!!
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Excellent workshop and I think Kimberly has said it all. Yes more workshops in the cloud would be wonderful.
Thank you Jean Claude! Your immense contributions to this workshop (via graphic overlays and your knowledge) have once again raised the standard of learning for so many disciplines. This workshop renders the argument that one needs to be in the room to learn effectively from a master teacher mute. Thank you for making it possible for so many more to learn from you and for doing it here with us on Pilates Anytime.
Wow this is a great workshop! Thank you!

The pelvis being a 3d structure can make these movements difficult to explain. You've done a wonderful job.
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I just wanted to add that this is the essence of all movement and pilates exercises. If you can understand what is being taught here, and get it in your body, then you can tackle all pilates exercises. Thank you Jean Claude for passing on your long term experiences. They make us all better movers.
Jean Cluade this is fabulous! I have been waiting to learn from you, (Kathy often spoke of you) I am so glad to see you here on PA. This workshop is valuable, smart and clear! The graphic overlays are so lovely. I just loved it. Than you.
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This is an early Christmas gift for all! How wonderful to have your teachings in a video. Such a wonderful tool!
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Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I am really glad I took this workshop, I learn so much! Very very precious informations & very clear explanations with the Graphics. I would be happy to take more workshops from Jean- Claude West. So essential !!! THANKFUL...
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Thank you so much for this Jean-Claude. I really miss taking your workshops. I hope you do more of these.
Thank you PA for this little miracle! Hope to see Jean-Claude again!
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