Restorative Reformer
Cara Reeser
Class 2375

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Well, that was fun! Really liked the little jump sequence at the end. Thanks Cara.
Loved the class!!! Thanks Cara! Xx
Great class . . . Lots of fun!
Thank you Cara! Wanted more!!!! Lovely as always! Love you shoes too!!
Thank you! I needed this class today. Great pace, encouraging and Fun!
"There's no alarm clock in the body to let you know you're slouching (till your back hurts)."

Brilliant quiote Cara!

The work in extension that you do is wonderful for everyone. Even though you said that this is a restorative class it still works into areas that need work.

The class was over so quickly and I didn't want it to end which is the sign of a truly gifted teacher.

Thanks so much x
Thank you all for your notes. I am glad you enjoyed this new class. A few more coming soon. I always appreciate your feedback.
Another simple and terrific class
Thank you
Your sessions appear effortless - smooth as silk....makes all at ease to move in such a great way! thank you
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Love the beginner teaser variations..inspiring! Thanks!
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