The Beginner System<br>MeJo Wiggin<br>Workshop 2380

The Beginner System
MeJo Wiggin
Workshop 2380

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I was working on basic foot position with my local instructor earlier in the week, and these exercises and comments are helpful. Also happy to see the te corrector in action and the chair and magic circle in use. I guess I'm a 'gadget girl' - I like the variety and focus the other pieces bring to the routine.
Such lovely clear positive teaching and you could see that Julie was having fun whilst working hard. It's so important to motivate our beginners and make them feel they have had a "workout" - the fine tuning in part 3 was really helpful too. I have been teaching for 20 years and have never found the work boring - every client brings a new dimension and helping them is very rewarding. Thank you MeJo and Julie
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