Full-Body Mat<br>John Garey<br>Class 2382

Full-Body Mat
John Garey
Class 2382

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Yay John and STOTT!
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I love John Garey's workouts. I was so excited to see him on Pilates Anytime!
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That was great! Thank you John! The cue you used when doing side bends to lift the center and not push with feet or hands was huge! Thank you!!
Patricia P
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Congratulations on your awesome video!!! I follow you on FB ..... I like all the variations with the magic circle, I am looking forward to try this variations with my clients !!!!!
Avery M
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So excited to see John here. I'd love to see even more STOTT-trained instructors on PA! Courtney and John are great. Thanks!
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This is going straight into my favourites. Challenging, fun and really new. I've never been a big fan of the theraband. Now I hate it seriouly, I just experienced a lot of new, interesting and tough exercises with it. I will be back for more!
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Wow!!! That was amazing Thank you John!!!
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So excited to see John Garey on here! Great class-I appreciated the variations (especially the side kick variations).
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Yea finally! Really enjoyed that class John! More John and more STOTT please. Such a proffesional. Fun to watch, great variations and just nice way to explain the exercises.
Thank you all so much for the kind comments! It was an honor to teach on PA! There's more to come, and I hope you like those as well.
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