Mat Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 2401

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Thank you :)
It was very helpful for beginners
I will work hard to learn
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I really like the clear, very deliberate coaching. The fact that she's doing this with you really works for pacing.
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Excellent class, very good tempo
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My new favourite!!!!
Thanks, y'all!
Thanks Meri xoxo Felt the heat and feelin' good :)
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excellent class for beginners who want to understand the dynamics of pilates and engagement of body. Great queuing, lovely tone - Meredith is great! Loved every bit of it!
Thanks, gals!

Nicole..I'm so excited to see you here and glad you're feeling good!
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Love the clear cueing! Thank you!
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this was excellent workout after 5 weeks since my umbilical hernia surgery, thank you !!!
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