Creative Tower Combinations<br>Michael K. & Malcolm M.<br>Class 2404

Creative Tower Combinations
Michael K. & Malcolm M.
Class 2404

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Very challenging class. Thank you:) I really loved the teasers and the single leg work!
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Nicely challenging! Thank you very much for offering this Intetesting class. New work is very appreciated.
Loved this! Innovative and deeply invigorating.
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Beautiful mechanics of the body, guided by understanding aware instructors. Thank you for unique additions to familiar movement sequences.
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Super fun! Creative and meticulous cuing. I loved this class.
Valya Karcher
The simplicity of each movement - at it's very essence - is it's most amazing challenge. A perfect workout for my male clients tonight. Thank you!
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This was super challenging both for body and mind. I loved it! Thank you so much for sharing your professionalism.
Carolina D
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I love these two man, the way they talk and the way they treat the body they have in front of them.
Thank you so much for sharing.
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Fantastic class. I can feel my inner and outer thighs and definitely my core.
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Thanks for the comments. We enjoy what we do and had fun trying out this format for Pilates Anytime. Knowing people got something from it simply makes life even better.
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