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"More about feeling it than making it". Absolutely. A very hard working tutorial.
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This tutorial was very helpful for me. Thank you!!
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I loved how she took the pressure off by not focusing on the "look" of the teaser but more on the feeling. Pointing out not everyones teaser will look the same is also helpful in freeing the mind.
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Interesting....so the spine is more in flexion than in extension. Joe's pic always confused me - his back is def flexed and shoulders appear protracted a bit. Helpful to be reminded that the Teaser should come from the back of the body, as well as the front. thank you to Dana, Amy and of course PA! rockon
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Excellent. Love working the teaser from seated position. And, it's really working for my students. Now, how about some help with my "favorite" exercise, the NECK PULL!!! Thanks Dana
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Thanks Dana for this great and helpful tutorial! I tried it with my students and they were surprised!! It works perfect.
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This experience with Dana was incredible, very physically challenging for me (a spine that doesn't flex as easily as I'd like it to) and clear. Joe is in flexion----he's not hinging at his hips to 'make the shape'...he's yielded his spine into the bow shape that can see in photos. It's definitely coming from inside the body, not an exterior shape. Wait until her new Mat classes come up....oh boy...talk about abs! :) Thank you Dana...see you soon!
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I'm so happy you all enjoyed and that your clients are having success! If you watch Amy's feet in the video (and this will come up in that mat class, Amy spoke of) take a peek at them. They are stretched pretty far forward. If we lighten up on that stretch and bring the toes a little bit more towards the ceiling, that will help initiate more movement from the back body. That foot placement could be a whole lesson of its own. ??Keep up the good work!
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Thank you!!!! This Tutorial was great!! Helpful!!!
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Great tutorial! Feeling it can be the hardest thing to master.
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