Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 2434

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What a fantastic class! What a fantastic teacher! Loved the class & the wonderful variations eg the saw variation. Looking forward to putting these ideas into my classes!
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Great class thank you
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I really enjoyed your class!I am looking forward to teach it into my Pilates classes!Thank you.
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This was amazing! Loved this so much! Will be trying some of this mobility excercises with clients. You have such a wonderful teaching voice. Thank you!
Thank you Clare! I hope your students liked the variations too:)
Thank you for watching Clare Dickinson!
Matha, I appreciate you commenting about my teaching voice, because I personally do not like to hear myself teach l0l
Maria, thanks for watching! Hoped your students liked it!
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Sorry to say, but I have found this class a little boring. It might be because I was looking for a level 2/3 with foam roller and couldn't find a lot. I would have wished for a little more flow, but I really appreciated your precise teaching.
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Another wonderful class, Nagi! I really love your mellow vibe, clarity and creativity. My back was feeling terrible after a stressful week, which is usually when I look for a foam roller class. But even with that, yours wasn't quite typical - in a good way! Finally, inhaling on the chest lift was a real groundbreaker for me! Thank you for that also! :)
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