Mind-Body Connection<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2472

Mind-Body Connection
Monica Wilson
Class 2472

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Simona F
I have just started with Pilates anytime, it is perfect for people like me who always find excuses not to exercise :) I am also very new to Pilates in general so I find this starter program very useful. One problem I have though, is that my muscles are really tight. When raising one leg up towards the ceiling, I find it difficult to get to a 90 degree angle while not bending my leg a little, and even then, it hurts, especially in my thigh. Is there anything that can help me "stretch" more, like some stretching routine, or is it just a matter of practice?
Monica Wilson
Hi Simona, Yes! Class #3333 is a great way to stretch and feel your best for class:)
Paras  C
Hello, first of all you are fantastic, i love your the way you teach, you are thorough and love that you give every exercise an identity of imagination.    I am up to workout 4, i did the first 3, three times over, to give myself time to get stronger with each move, But what  i have noticed is my tail bone is really sore? Is that because  i am new and it needs to harden up? Or have i been doing it wrong? It’s really painful to do roll ups or downs or the teaser  :( 
Monica Wilson
Hi Paras, So glad you’re enjoying this series! No, I don’t think it’s because your tailbone needs to toughen up. I wish I could see your movement in person to see if I could catch anything but my hunch is that you are doing everything correctly. Especially since you’ve taken the time to repeat classes and practice good form. Sometimes we have bonier tail bones or even parts of our spine protrude making it uncomfortable to roll on a regular exercise mat. Often we instructors have to add additional padding for clients to feel comfortable rolling up or doing rollling exercises. My suggestion is to see if you can purchase some “non-slip” pads from Gratz or Balanced Body or maybe you can find something similar online/Amazon. If you’re not having any luck, you can always buy an extra exercise mat with good cushion and cut it into 9” x 18” sections. Hopefully putting one of these pads under your tailbone will alleviate the soreness. I wish you well and thank you so much for the kind comment! Monica:)
Rosalind  K
Fantastic instructor, I learn something new each day , love your classes,Monica😀
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