Integrating Healthy Feet<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Class 2496

Integrating Healthy Feet
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 2496

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Fascia-nating;). Just had a client diagnosed with osteoporosis and is freaking out, so I'm stalking all your videos and considering becoming Buff Bones certified. This is great
Hi Rebekah. I loved your class and the addition of yoga challenges. Thank you very much my clients enjoyed the new material
Very cool class Rebekah and Amy you made it look so easy. Thank you for working into more thoracic rotation and hip extension. Love the glide into the hip joint, I have one side that always feels like it is pushing out. The plank into knee fold and knee twist is quite challenging,like the different between the shoulder orientation. Also have been trying the spiral in second position on footwork. Peeps are really liking the feeling.Thanks again...
Brilliant class!!
Buenisima la clase!! I always learn a lot from your presentation!
Loved loved the spinal rotation in foot work. Felt amazing!
great work both of you!
As Rebekah's student for this class, I can say that all the movements felt very nice on my body---challenging in some ways---but very fulfilling. I'm a fan of getting out of my comfort zone and this was certainly achieved a few times for me in this class as you can see! We stand to learn many things 'outside our comfort zone'! The jumping at the end was a little awkward for me and if all the springs had been mounted ... the carriage may have remained quiet! But alas, they weren't .. and it didn't. I think I will practice that on the floor so as to feel more connected next time up on the carriage. Thank you Rebekah!
nice class, enjoyed it
Looks like a great class Rebekah. Did you change springs at all in this workout and if not what springs did you have?
Amazing class as always. Cangrats Rebekah, you are my best inspiration. Kisses
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