Mat Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 2498

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Thanks for this great class, we all need it
Really enjoyed this class.
Love it! Thank you Brent!
Thank you from Australia. I love the ideas in this class esp the mermaid sequence. I do lots of workplace wellness education and this is a great one to add to the repertoire. Beautiful clear instruction and cues.
gracias maestro!!! columna feliz!
what a great way to begin a session, kill the 2p slump, wind down...etcetera etcetera etcetera. As always, thank you!
Great workout x
Thank you for this class, Brent!
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Love this type of class - short, anytime of day, no sweat, just re-connecting and balancing.

I appreciate that it's a deliberate pace but not a tutorial -- so I don't mind keeping it in my queue to use again and again because it keeps me moving without a lot of lecture stopping me from moving and seeming repetitive when I go back to it.

If anyone can recommend more like this please LMK. (I have Lisa Hubbard's #1287 foam roller workout as another quick go-to exercise sequence that I can do anytime of day.)
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