Mat Workout
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2508

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Wow! The saga for the hamstrings is a little life time study in itself! It balanced my walk immediately! Thanks for your deep honesty and firebird attitude! You're a true improviser.
Elizabeth, you are such an amazing instructor and amazing demonstration of flexibility and strength. I love all the work in neutral pelvis and without over working thoracic flexion for abdominal strengthening.
Kimberley and Mastaneh, thank you for appreciating the structure of this class. Here are some of my thoughts about sequencing: Thoracic and lumbar lateral flexion folowed by counter rotation of the thoracic and lumbar prepare for neutral bridging variations. Bridging variations with feet on the roller activate the lumbar and hip extensors (Superficial Back myofascial continuity). The lumbo-sacral area is more stable in neutral than in flexion. Quadruped abdominal exercises in neutral are often more functional than supine abdominal flexion exercises. Following spine lateral flexion, counter rotation, neutral, and supine supported lumbar and hip extension, the structure is prepared for prone spine extension and extension with rotation. Supine sequences on the roller illuminate imbalances rarely recognized on the mat. Standing balances integrate all the exercises for life off the mat.
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Fantastic and really challenging!..
Thank you Elizabeth
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Elizabeth, thank you for your thoughts about sequencing. They definitely make sense. I have begun to notice these sequences occurging in many of your videos. There are a couple that have become "staples" when working with clients because they just work so well. Thank you for your creativity and I imagination.
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Elizabeth not only was this cass creative but very knowledgeable. Thank you
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Hallo Elisabeth, it was really challenging! Thank you so much! Greetings from Austria!
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Elizabeth you are ahead of you time. I love your sense of humour too!
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I enjoyed your sense of humour and teaching cues. I am stealing some for my class tonight! Also...that bodysuit and those legs... Dang.
Very graceful and informative.
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