Finding a Lift from Within
Monica Wilson
Class 2539

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Really like this class and transitions between exercises. Clarity and lightness. Thank you!
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Amazing class, a very good Teacher,thank you!!
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Lovely class.Thank you.
Noya, Marta, Niamh, Thank you so much! I hope you have been able to do each class in this beginner series and that they are helping you reach your Pilates goals! Monica:)
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Amazing class!! :)
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Great class. I really like the queuing and transitions between each exercise.
Thanks for the beginner course Monica! I have been doing all the previous classes, but I find it so hard on the fifth and sixth ones to hold straight open legs and do the rocket! Any other tips how to keep the legs straight? thanks again
Thank you Raquel and Lisa! Hope you get to keep enjoying the series:)
Maria, It is so great you are doing each class and laying a strong foundation! To keep your legs straight during the Rocking you could add a prop if you'd like? At the studio we use straps on your feet to give you a little extra distance between your hands and your ankles. If you don't have the Reformer loops used with the straps you could try using a theroband on each foot? Or a regular dress belt on each foot? That way you can keep your legs straight while you are continuing to work on the series. Hope that helps! Thank you so much for your feedback! Monica:)
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Monica, After several months of doing 2 and 2/3s I started your series and feel I'm getting stronger and more flexible in the beginner class than I was jumping ahead too soon. I have done #6 four times and am not sure if I should move on. I also can't get my legs straight in open leg rocker but feel I am doing it in good form with the modification. Also, although I can do corkscrew in good form, my circles are VERY small. I also cannot stand up or sit down like the women in your class. Should I wait until I can perform everything like the women in your class or should I move on if I can perform the class in good form with modifications?

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