Tower for Creating Space
Meredith Rogers
Class 2540

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I really liked the variation of the prone 1, kind of a preparation for prone 2, I am going to try this class right away thank you Meredith
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I love serendipity! I was wanting to integrate more of the tower into my classes today and your workout magically appeared! Your verbal queuing is spot on - thanks so much for sharing your creativity, Meredith.
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Meredith, yes, the springs can be a pain, but oh what creativity you used, and what wonderful work and delicious stretches. I surely hope you'll do more Tower classes. Thank you for another wonderful class. Our Stott Tower Trainer at home took me quite a while to master its springs, as compared to the spring set up at the studio, but it's been worth the effort.
Meredith, what color leg springs are you using here !! wonderful workout :))
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Thanks Mereidth for a wonderful workout on a Wed avo!
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Well gee for someone that's "not very good"...that was pretty dang good! Nice cues, nice moves and it went fast. Loved the beginning ab roll down series! Thank you!
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I agree - more work on the tower with Meredith - stretches us and stretches her expertise!
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This video seems more like a deliberate pace, not moderate.
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I soooo enjoy your cuing, Meredith! You always give me new things to think about...and pass on to my own clients. Many thanks for this tower class! Look forward to meeting you in person in a couple weeks!!!
Thank you all for taking class and sharing your feedback. I appreciate hearing from you so much!
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