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Tutorial 2544

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Jamie H
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Unfortunately, footwork is generally overlooked. The vast majority of people take their feet for granted. This video is a wonderful reminder of how powerful our feet are and what types of techniques we can use to strengthen our bodies.
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Fascinating education on alignment and fluidity of movement. Thank you!
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Studying with Judith over many years gave me an access to what it means to partner with gravity, rather than "fight" gravity. I have also developed, through this awareness, my own voice and way of seeing the translation of forces through the entire body..Down the Back and Up the Front! Judith's powerful understanding of the value of SET UP is transformational...and helped me to awaken my own biointelligent body genius so I can help others awaken to their genius!
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I would also like to contribute this jewel to teachers who are curious about using these distinctions of gravity and ground reaction force with their clients, so that you can SEE the transmission of forces through the whole body from foot to head...I just filmed a client, Annie, who has shared about her struggles of being out of her body for years, and in this video I am sharing with you, she is expressing what has awakened for her in is so powerful!.
Thank you so much. I once had the opportunity to offer a devoted yogi friend of mine some time in footwork on the reformer. She moved in and out a while and then said, "Oh, this is like headstand." I have longed for other people to feel that foot to crown space and reach, and have not been able to articulate or guide that sensation. Thank you Judith for offering a beautiful way to teach this. Please, many more tutorials!!!
Ms. Aston - could you please tell me where to purchase that (small) form of "Mr. Bones" ? Found it so helpful as a visual in your tutorial. This concept of the GFR is fascinating - finding it a little difficult to communicate/ teach especially after having established a method of teaching that does not recognize it. Still working on it ! Thank you for the wonderful instruction.
Hello E.A.! Thank you for your inquiry. We are now taking pre-orders for "Mr. Bones." Contact our office for more information:
Thanks E.A.!
Judith! You found "Mr. Bones?" Fantastic!!!
Valya Karcher
Thank you Judith and Kristi!
hi, love everyting i am learning here!

where do i purchase the pads you used on the shoulder rest and which pad from your site did you use with kristi on the reformer?

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