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Pilates Dogtime
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Special 2557

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Love it. Awesome video and so funny. Thanks
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Hilarious!! That's why we love the Pilates Anytime team!! :) woohoo!
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Sooo cute and funny! The end is the best!
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Kristy, you and the girls rock! Not to mentioned the kids (four feeted) running around in the studio
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I love that!! Its so funny!! I vote to train with ours dogs and cats ??
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Lmao when I saw the clip with Meredith wearing the mask!
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Too brilliant!
Sandra R
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Freakin' Meredith! She is hilarious! What a cracker!
Especially loved the video camera and the mike hanging just above Kristi's head. Reminds me of the old "The Firm" fitness videos, where the damn mike is ALWAYS in the shot!
Jamie H
I have a feeling Pilates for Dogs will become the latest trend in Pilates.
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Great video - HILARIOUS and creative! thanks for a few minutes of chuckles!
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