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Kevin Bowen
Workshop 2563

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Tova, thank you for the added information to your question. I did not know that STOTT and Micheal King Pilates were the primary educators for Pilates in India so I see why you would wonder about us not including a STOTT reformer. STOTT Reformers translate very closely to Balanced Body Reformers in my opinion. From what I recall, STOTT has 4 full springs and 1 "half" spring. If you are ever in need to translate I think you can translate this way best. On PA when we say 3 Red we mean 3 full springs to you. When we say 3 a blue spring that would be about half or the lighter spring on STOTT. The yellow on BB is just a gift in certain exercises for how light it is. Thank you for helping me understand what your needs are. BTW, I'm sure many would LOVE to go teach in India!
Thank you, Kevin! I have been called at times to sub for someone on equipment I was unfamiliar with, and freaked out that I could not seem to get even the footbar in the desired position, much less the gearbar and springs to the desired tension. This was very helpful!
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What color BB spring is most equal to the Gratz Reformer spring? Thanks for any replies!
The BB red or green would be similar to a Gratz spring depending on the springs - red may be a bit lighter and green a bit heavier
Kristi, Just FYI: STOTT PILATES reformers come with either 4 full/red and 1 half/blue or 3 full, 1 half, and 1 quarter springs.
Hello, I have a question for Kristin Cooper who I communicated with before about this workshop. You informed me that the stamina reformer was yours, my question is whether you found that you could do all the reformer exercises on this reformer and how it performed regarding the fact that it has bungee cords instead of springs, did that make a big difference? also if the cords held up or if they needed to be replaced often or not. I am considering buying this reformer as it is now available in India. Thank you
Hi Tova,
The Aero Reformer is mine. I found the workouts I did that used the Gratz equipment rarely needed a different spring change to what was suggested in class and if I need to adjust for the videos using balanced body equipment, it was usually minimal. It was harder to adjust when instructors used props. The box is not a prop. Adjusting the bungees in all videos became intuitive quickly. I will add, that i found this equipment very comfortable with exception to my hands on the foot bar for things like the Long Stretch series. I did not find the thinner bar prohibitive though and even liked it for my feet after a few times. I was nervous for things like the Twist and Tendon Stretch, because the bar jiggles a bit when in place and because I was the one that put it together I am sure that I did those exercises using the Aero Pilates Reformer though.
Finally, I always had to pad my feet for short box, because the canvas strap felt like it my sheer right through my ankles. I cut the toes off a fluffy black sock to surround the strap and it worked fine. I think it is worth purchasing. Honestly, I had a bit of a bad attitude about any Reformer that used bungee cords in the past, but when I couldn't get in the studio as much as I do now, I was thrilled to have this version at home. It definitely provided the ability for me to keep up my practice. I hope you can spend the extra money to include the box and pole in your purchase because it truly is a part of the Reformer just as much as the springs/bungees are. Thanks for the question! If you do buy it, Please let us know what you think!
Cynthia! Thank you! I should have known that!
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Thank you Kristi, I really appreciate your response. I want to thank everyone at PA for this forum, everyone is very attentive to questions and queries, unusual for an online site. I always get an answer when I have a question. Its great to know there is someone on the other end. Thanks again
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