Reformer Springs
Kevin Bowen
Workshop 2563

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Thank you for such an interesting look at the springs and the equipment.
I truly appreciate the way in which you state at all times that there is "no better " just different regarding equipment and style etc.
Many thanks for sharing your research.
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This is to see more of these!
the more you know....
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Most informative Mr. Bowen, thank you very much!!
Very important info. Gracias
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This was interesting as I want to buy a reformer, making the right choice is important especially with the price tag attached. I was wondering though if there is a reason you did not mention the Stott Reformer? I have noticed also that Stott Pilates Instructors are not so widely represented on PA, ( only 2 that I've seen ) is there a reason for this? Just curious.
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Hi Tova - There is not a reason why STOTT equipment was not involved - we had access to a limited variety of equipment so we utilized what we had...there is not one type of equipment that is better than another - it is a matter of personal preference. As far as your other question I know that Pilates Anytime has quite a variety of Pilates instructors who participate from a diverse number of programs and lineages involved in the filming- you might want to contact them directly with that question...Maybe only a couple of STOTT instructors are the only ones that agreed...
Thank you for your reply. It is the openness and diversity in approaches to pilates represented on PA that makes this such a great site to learn from. Thanks again
Tova, Our goal here at PA is to offer the best of Pilates at a price that keeps it accessible to most. That said, we do try to vary the selection so our members can find what they need and/or are used to. Moira Stott was among the first ten instructors I asked to be a part of Pilates Anytime outside of our regular/studio instructors. Mrs. Merrithew declined and timing wasn't right for John Garey to join us until recently. We think John Garey and Courtney Miller (also STOTT Pilates) represent Pilates really well. Kevin worked with the equipment we have in the studio (Balanced Body and Gratz) as well as the Aero Pilates Reformer I brought over from home. We have featured Peak and STOTT equipment on the site as well. This tutorial is intended to help people address the differences in Springs/bungie cords based on physics and bio-mechanics rather than on a particular brand name.
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the tutorial and I hope this helps clarify why we only demonstrated the concept with the three versions of Reformer that we did.
Thank you Kristi, I appreciate your detailed reply. PA is an amazing site, as a budding instructor in India PA is a life line to my continuing education, I am grateful that so many wonderful teachers, different approaches, tutorials and workshops have been made available to everyone. My question about Stott came up not out of partiality but because Stott and Michael King are the only schools of Pilates available in India for teacher training, so I have only ever been on a Stott reformer. When I watched the tutorial about the different reformers and noticed it wasn't included I just wondered why. As the home of yoga, it's a bit of a pilates desert here. Calling on all Pilates instructors to please visit India! Thanks again.
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