Energizing Reformer<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2568

Energizing Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 2568

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Meredith you have been my breath today;))
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Is it important when jumping to have the carriage come all the way in to hit the stoppers?
ZA that is SO sweet!

When jumping, I put emphasis on rolling through the foot all the way to the heel instead on focusing on bringing the carriage into the stopper. Due to tightness in the calves and achilles most people won't be able to bring the carriage all the way in without losing the heel position. I think it is important to use the articulation of the foot to help absorb the weight and impact of the body when landing. What a great question and hope that helps.
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loved this one Meredith !!! Perfect combinations with the jump board :)
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Great class. . . . Thanks I really enjoyed!
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A perfect workout, seriously.
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Love it Meredith!! Thank you. ;)
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So good! And so fast!
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You never cease to inspire me, Meredith! Thanks for yet another great class.
I signed for the 30 free. It is the second video that I try to watch and I can not. It shows the image for about 5 min, then the image freeze and I can only listen. I watched another one 4 times, difeferent times and it happens 4 times. Now with this one. Is it a feature for the free traile ? If it is, at least a few classes should be shown in full. I want to see the whole thing before sign monthly, not a good feature. I pay other websites online classes, they do not have this happening.
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