Spinal Awareness Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2569

Spinal Awareness Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 2569

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Lovely progression, thank you
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Fantastic Monica- thank you!
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Have enjoyed your beginner Mat Progression - is this #8 or will that come in the future? Thanks
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Bee ~ Thank you for your forum post. This class isn't part of the Beginner Mat Progression, but it is a great supplement to the series. Class #8 will be up in the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy it too!
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Thank you so much for your every class, i start to feel myself in different way and i like it!:)
And i wait next class, when it will be?:)
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Loved your clear commands! thank you
Thank you for this very helpful class. Later in the class, when we are sitting but rounded, prior to actually rolling, would you describe the scapula as being slid away from the spine or am I trying to keep them back and sliding down the back ribs? Thanks for considering my question.
Great class.
Your instructions are Soooo helpful ❤️
I like the pelvic curl with the ring! Thanks 
Silvia O
Great for my back
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