Magic Circle Powerhouse
Alycea Ungaro
Class 2595

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Super fun class and great sweat. Thanks : )
This was so refreshing! Just what I needed after a working day! I will do this one over and over again! You make even the most mean exercises look like fun!
So fun....your "students" make it look so contraire! Loved leg triangles, lifted sgl leg kick, bridge w constant lift, jackknife 1/2 lowers, "emotionally prepare" teasers, and that balance many gems! Thank you thank you
Love love love this class!! Definitely will be using this for my props class! Thankyou for the inspiration!
Alycea has it all! Always great!
I loved the class, you took a big laugh from me with the quote I am not an inventor I am just a messenger !
I wish there was a LOVE button for this class! WOW! Thank you, Alycea, for the challenges and the laughs. You made a very tough workout super fun! This is a class I will come back to often!
Enjoyed the separation between teasers. Felt like I could do them all better w/o exhausting my legs. Always a good workout w/u Alycea. Thx!
Excellent class. Alicia thank you. You are entertaining and funny AND merciless! I appreciate how you use your voice. I learned a lot from that alone.
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