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Marika Molnar
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Talk about an honor! Marika was MY first introduction into Pilates when I was an assistant at her clinic in NYC in 2000. She is amazing and can see, just by watching someone walk, exactly what is wrong with them. Thank you for this interview, she is an inspiration for me and many others!!!
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Fabulous. So great to learn about ALL of her background and Inspirations.
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Beautiful discussion. I love that the diversity of Marika's inspirations were showcased in each chapter.
It was a true honor for me to listen to and learn from Marika Molnar for the short time I got to. It is an even greater honor to know she will come to California soon to film a workshop for us all! Thank you Marika!
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Fascinating! Wonderful interview. Thank you Marika, Kristi and PA. Look forward to future classes with Marika.
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So fabulous!! Thank you also to Kristie for a wonderful interview!!

I loved the class on the parasetter!!
Is the Marika dance clothing brand her company?
Janetr I don't think Marika is affiliated with the clothing brand. She could be a brand herself probably, but I've never heard that she was actually involved with Marika dance wear (and I might be wrong too!).
I love these talks! It feels like actually meeting these awesome people. Thank you, please keep these coming!
Just to hear she loves to learn and all about the body is music to my ears. I think a passion for learning is very much a pilates trait.
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