Prenatal Theraband Challenge<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2697

Prenatal Theraband Challenge
Courtney Miller
Class 2697

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Fantastic class. Amazing teacher .
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Is it me or are the 3rd trimester classes harder than the 2nd? haha. Or maybe it's just the belly getting bigger :) Great class, thank you! Keeps me pushing and working hard until baby girl arrives!
this class was absolutely incredible, I'm not even pregnant I thought it would be a nice easy class for Sunday but it had great intensity, left me feeling fantastic with great breathing cues and instruction. Courtney Miller you are one of my favourite instructors and I hope things are great post pregnancy. ive got broken ribs atm and I managed this class pain free with a all over body work.
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Currently 31 weeks pregnant with my second one. Love this class and most of all your positive energy !!! thank you so much
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Excellent workout, being on week 27th. Thank you!
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I love love love this class. I’m 33 weeks and on a tired day could only get through the first 25 minutes, and then saved the other 40ish minutes for today! I would say this can definitely be broken up, if need be, but it’s a fantastic workout and today I feel refreshed and stretched! Thank you!
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I am slightly shocked. Isometric exercises, engaging abdominal muscles and plank. Very nice set, but i have some doubts if is for pregnant women,
Courtney Miller
@agata Agata Thanks for watching my video! I totally agree that you should customize the workout for your needs (or your client's). It's important to identify these needs regularly as they can change daily - especially for the prenatal body - depending on mood, energy level, physiological changes, goals and more. This was a go-to workout for me throughout my pregnancy and I feel it really helped me during my pregnancy, birth, and also after! Between nursing 24/7, baby wearing and lugging around baby accessories (stroller and car seat) the upper body emphasis and attention to the posterior chain was very helpful. Thanks for joining me for this workout and please reach out anytime with questions. Xx
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thanx Courtney Miller ! the best class I have seen for pregnancy
Thank you for a workout that empowers me as a pregnant intermediate pilates practitioner😀 I’ve been looking for something with some safe abs and more arm/leg work!
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