Precise & Detailed Reformer<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 2715

Precise & Detailed Reformer
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 2715

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Edgar A
I like the cue you gave during the first stage of knee stretch to keep the fingers long and extended in order to prevent sinking into the wrists and instead encourage scapular depression.
Katie W
This was a great well-rounded class! I loved the use of the pole for cues throughout class, especially when demonstrating the long diagonal line in the Long Stretch!
Gianna  A
This has been such a great class to watch full of classic exercises, I really liked the stretch intermission of the hinging in the straddle 2nd position between the stomach massage. I felt like they were always completely prepared for each exercise, with either lunges before the parallel splits, warming up the core, etc. 
Anna H
I loved seeing how fluid/quick the transitions were between each exercise. Additionally, I appreciate your clear details of how each movement should be performed.  I also enjoyed how you finished the class with running in place!
Ashley O
I really enjoyed the set up cues before down stretch. It is helpful to feel the position of being in a long arc with the pelvis pressing forward and the chin slightly raised and chest shining forward before even moving through the exercise
Coral S
The detailed explanation of each exercise, along with cues and pacing was so helpful for these advanced exercises. I also really liked the use of the pole throughout the class, especially when finding a long spine, and in the short box series how holding the pole is both helpful and challenging.
Isabella G
I liked seeing all the different ways the pole can be used to cue throughout this class! It’s helpful both for alignment purposes but also to cue bringing the navel close to the spine when in a curved or contracted position.
Lauren S
I liked the use of the pole throughout the class (like on long spine stretch to help the client keep the long spine) and the cue to "stretch the heels down" during this exercise as well. I also found it helpful to see the difference when Laura demonstrated how to not do things- this is especially helpful for training my eye!
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